Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chatper 2: ...

I know i said every week, but, fuck you.  Sometimes I just can't push out what I want to say.

        Its been about a month since my 1st post and let me tell you, a lot has happened.  I moved to Florida, we drove. If you ever have the chance to do it, DON'T!  It was the worst drive I've ever taken, it rained from Virginia to Georgia, and I had to drive my piece of shit dodge neon(which has no a/c mind you).  So needless to say my left arm looked like someone spray painted it red. 

       Remember that "job" I told you about in the first chapter? Yea, well I transferred to a store here in Florida, and let me tell you, it fucking blows more than the store in Jersey. I am no longer a manager im what you say a register bitch.I stand in one spot all fucking day thinking of ways to kill myself because I'm so god damn bored.  Everyone seems to avoid talking to me because I'm the "new guy" and apparently I don't look very personable.  Fuck that.

     Im hoping to find a new career, something to do with music. Maybe journalism, although I seem to have a hard time writing a fucking blog, how the hell am I going to write a column or whatever about an artist or show?  Everything takes time.

    So, as I sit here in my back yard writing this shitty blog, I have so much shit on my mind, but can't seem to put it to words.  My kids are dead asleep, my dogs are running around chasing who knows what, and all I can seem to do is listen to oddfuture tunes. The job search has come to a halt since it's the weekend and all, but I wont give up.  I didn't come to Florida to do the same shit I was doing in Jersey.  My beautiful wife seems to have a plan, now I need one. To bad I'm a lazy piece of shit.

   If it seems like I'm all over the place, its because I am.  Like I said before, I have so much shit on my mind.  What I'm trying to do with this blog is jot down my life week to week. The only problem is, besides the move, nothing exciting has happened.  I can only tell you that every day, my daughter amazes me more and more.  Shes talking now, not full sentences, but she knows a lot of words. My son is growing up so fast, he'll be sitting up on his own soon. Its amazing how fast things go by.

    So as I end this week. I want to say fuck you New Jersey. I love you, but I hate you at the same time. I hope down the road good things happen. I can't sit and wait, I have to work for what I want. Remember that. You can't just wait for an opportunity, you have to fight for it.  Hopefully with in the next few years you'll be reading my articles in Atl. Press or something like that.  So long, see you next week, maybe.