Thursday, October 27, 2011

2012 Zombie Apocalypse.

      Since it's been a while since my last actual blog post, I figured it's time for an update. Not a whole lot has happened, but there is other subjects I'd like to talk about. Mainly my interests and concerns.
      Its October, Halloween time, my favorite "holiday" of the year.  People dress up like idiots and try to either scare people, or humiliate themselves. Either is fine.  Halloween is the one day out of the year you can pretend to be something you're not, and get away with it.  I'm kind of excited to see what Florida brings, in terms of people, and different costumes.
    My daughter,  doesn't have a costume yet, but I will be getting her one tomorrow. I'm not sure exactly what she is going to be, but we'll see what Target has to offer.  She has been getting bigger and bigger every single day. She can pretty much have a conversation with you, only some times you're not exactly sure what the hell she's talking about.  Never the less, she's one of the reasons I wake up in the morning.
     My son is amazing me.  He started crawling, so now we're doomed again. Time for trying to barricade everything in the house he can get into.  That kid is fucking quick too, he'll be in front of you one second, and then you look at the TV for a minute and hes gone.  He is going to be a baseball player for Halloween.
   Now it's time for what I really wanted to talk about, THE FUCKING ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel that this shit is going to happen. Probably in 2012 when the Myans stopped counting.  Will yo u be ready? I sure as shit will be.  I have a plan in place, and I am starting to collect various weapons. Mainly for that purpose, but they could help in other situations as well. Luckily for me, the great state of Florida makes it pretty easy for people to purchase firearms. 
     Now in most situations, a gun would not be the best choice to get the job done.  Say you're traveling from one hide out to a new one because you've used all of your resources, and you see a single "walker". Instead of popping it in between the eyes with your Glock, you take his head of with your machete. Why? Well what if his buddies are just around the corner? They'll hear the shot and come running your way. So be smart, don't just use a gun, and if you do, be smart about it.  Guns need ammo, and in a zombie apocalypse situation, you may not be able to find more bullets. A machete, may get dull over time, but more chances than none, you'll be able to sharpen it some how.
       Think about you're "hideout". Are you going to stay at home? Are you going to go to a big box store like Sports Authority, or Dicks? Both are okay hideouts, but think about this, how safe are you at home? Yea you could board up the windows and doors, but eventually you would run out of supplies(food,bullets,water,etc.).  Now a sporting goods store may sound like a good idea, usually one entrance, which can be locked down pretty good, most stores have gates behind the glass, but what are you going to eat? Candy bars? Energy Bars? You wont survive very long on that.  Think about a better strategy. I feel that going to a Wal Mart or a grocery store would be better. At Wal Mart, especially in the south, you can buy guns, so that's a plus.  Most if not all Wal Marts now adays have a grocery store, so you can load up on food and water. They also have clothing, and various other supplies you may need.  Now I don't think that a Wal Mart would be a long term stay, just like in Dawn of the Dead, at the mall, it was only temporary.
       So now that you have your first hideout in place, your weapon cache and food supplies are stocked, you need to leave.  Where do you go? What's going to get you there?  Another plus to Wal Mart. Most have a tired and lube center.  I'm all for reinforcing a fucking bus, or truck of some sort to get you where you need to go.  Wal Mart should have all the tools and supplies you would need to build a reinforced vehicle.
       That's my plan, hopefully it will work out and I will be a survivor, along with my wife and kids.  I am also hoping that these zombies aren't "speed zombies" like in 28 Days Later.  If they are, then I don't think anyone has a chance.  When I think of a 'zombie', I think of a slow moving, dumb ass, decaying looking, asshole that couldn't out run a fat lady on a hoveround.  Some theories say, they will start out fast and smarter, and as the decaying process goes on, they will slowly just fall apart. That seems like a better option.  Think Shaun of the Dead. Those zombies were slow and pretty stupid.
     What I'm saying is, be smart, have a plan,  protect you and yours. If you think I'm crazy for thinking about this, then go fuck yourself, I'll make sure I cut your fucking  head off when I see you creeping around.  Remember 2012, be fucking prepared.  Get yourself weapons and protective gear. Start a stockpile of canned goods and such so you can keep yourself alive until you decide to move out.  Go out and pick up The Zombie Survival Guide, read it, know it.  
   Well folks, that's all I have to talk about this time.  If you were looking for shit about me and my life, to fucking bad.  I needed to talk about this, because lately, I feel that people have stopped thinking about it. You can have a plan, or talk shit about having a plan, but it's time to start preparing yourself.

They're coming.

Good day,



Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review:The Devil Wears Prada-Dead Throne

      What can I say the guys from Ohio have done it again. I have every album these guys have ever put out, and with the exception of The Zombie E.P., I was ready to give up on them. Not because I thought they were bad, but because I was getting bored with the genre.  Then this monster Dead Throne came out in September. This album is fucking intense. It's not that usual poppy "grindcore" shit, this is a brutal masterpiece. If you don't believe me, check out the song Born to Lose.  Mike's(lead singer)voice has definitely matured for the better.  His screams are deeper and sound more intimate, making you feel his every emotion.
      It's more than just a good voice that makes a band a band.  The breakdowns make you want to punch yourself in the face (in a good way), and the riffs melt the skin off your face. Chris and Jeremy really outdid themselves with this album. In thier first full length, Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord, the guitars seemed a little lazy. A lot of breakdowns(which are awesome) but not a lot of the technical riffs. This album has both, which is the reason why I fell in love with this genre in the first place.
       The bass and drum combo of Andy and Danny really make this album for me.  Heavy hitting double bass, with sick ass fills, while Andy is destroying it on bass.You'll find yourself head banging with every track.  I can't even tell you what song I dont like on this album, because there isnt one.  
    With James on keys you really can't go wrong. I haven't heard anything he has done that I have been disapointed with. From the first song I head. Dogs can grow beards all over, to Forever Decay  he has been killing it on the keyboard.  Everything he has done has almost made each song 10 times better.
      The Devil Wears Prada has definitely matured since their debut full length, Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord. Apart from just their funny song titles, which are now more serious, the sound is so much better than when I found them on Myspace back in 2006. I thought they were insane then. This is theshit that made me fall in love with the genre, from bands like Norma Jean,NORA, and Hopesfall who now fell to the post hardcore devil, these guys bring it back with a vengeance and fucking destroy it. This is an album that I will be listening to for a long time. I can't wait for the next one.  If you feel like listening to something other than Nickelback, and want some beautifully crafted and organized chaos that will blow you're fucking mind, then go pick this album up. Follow the band on twitter @tdwpband, and also on their website

The Devil Wears Prada-Born To Lose (video)