Monday, September 5, 2011

Don't bite you're friends

   So apparently a week to me means a month. Whatever.  Still nothing exciting going on in my life. Well thats a lie, but its personal and I dont feel like you people need to hear about it.

      So the job has gotten a little better. I haven't made any "friends", but Ive actually been able to hold a conversation with a few people.  There's just 2 people there that seem to really really dislike me.  Oh well.  I mean it hurts my feelings a little, but I'm a big boy, I'll get over it.  The people I deal with seem to have more intelligence than the people in Jersey, go figure.  "So you're saying a vegetarian diet is no good for my dog? Why not?" SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

   I finally got out riding (mountain biking).  Had a ton of fun, but fuck this heat got to me.  It didn't help that I left my fucking water bottle at home.  Thank god zippy had his camelbak, otherwise I'd probably be dead lying under the i95 overpass.  It was a pretty easy trail not to technical, but what amazes me is that now that I'm older, I have apparently turned into a huge vagina.  Stupid things that I would have done when I was bmxing as a kid, I wouldn't dare to try now. Could it be because I'm a dad? Or that I haven't really ridden a bike in almost 7 years? Who knows. The only thing I can tell you is that my fuckin gooch is killing me.

     My daughter is getting smarter and smarter every single day. She's been saying all kinds of words now, almost complete sentences.  She can count(sort of). I feel that I can hold a better conversation with her than I can with some random person at work.  I hope she slows down though, otherwise daddy won't be able to help her with her homework.

     My son is getting bigger by the minute.  This kid amazes me so much. Hes such a good looking little kid and learning so much so fast.  He can turn himself all the way over now, hes grabbing for things, and last night he tried to sit up on his own. Watch out everyone, my kids are going to rule the world.

   So needless to say, I'm happy and miserable at the same time. I love my family, hate my job, and wish I could get out and ride more often.  I don't make enough money to satisfy anyone, and I spend most of my time that I'm not working, watching Yo Gabba Gabba, or Wow Wow Wubbzy with my daughter. I can't complain though. Well I can, but I won't.

         I'm still chasing  my dream, whatever that may be. Someday soon I'll be successful and completely happy, but until that day comes, and probably after that, Ill keep trying to write this thing and keep the few (2, one of them is my wife) subscribers updated on my  boring uneventful REAL life. So long see you next time. Thanks for watching.


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