Sunday, January 6, 2013

Its a snake eat snake world

         Twice in 1 week?! That's right kids here goes another one. Lets get back onto the topic of why I originally started this fucking blog.  Shit that pisses Phil off.  You want to know what pisses me off? Old fucking miserable people. Fuck you. Sit there in your god damn sweat pants and watch tv.
       Where did this come from you ask?  Well lets back track.  Earlier today we were eating "dinner", at 1:00 in the afternoon!!!! Italians, you know how it is. So I said," I'm gonna bring my snake here, since you won't let me bring my dog."  "Another snake," he said. Yes asshole. My brother Matt, has my albino king snake.  Now you would never know it was there. Why? BECAUSE ITS A FUCKING SNAKE! It doesn't move, it doesn't run around the house making a mess, it just sits there, in a tank, and does nothing. You know what's funny? THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT PYTHONS DO!
       So here I am, lugging this 55 gallon tank and stand into my room.  Yes, I currently live with grandparents, not by choice, I just had no where else to go.  If you read my last blog, you'd understand.  He starts.  What do you need this for? Uhh for the fucking tank to sit on. What tank?! The one for my snake. I didn't say you could bring another snake here! (He said it was ok)
        So we start arguing back and forth. I say I'll find someone to take the snake, which I won't, just shuts him up for a little while.  Now hes sitting down, pouting, watching TV.  Now don't get me wrong, it's his house, his rules, blah blah blah.  I get it.  The problem is, what is the fucking big deal? Its a snake! I could see if it was a dog, or a cat, or anything. It sits in a tank, doesn't use any of his precious electricity, and he'll never know it was there.
        Now I'm hoping that I can get out of here soon enough, but that evil green paper says otherwise.  I've had friends offer to stay at their place, which is great. I appreciate it, both of you. One problem, one of you live in a small apartment and have a kid on the way. The other has twins and is kind of far from my place of work. You don't need some 26 year old child staying at your place, you both have your own lives to live.

        So what else is going on?  Lets see, I'm doing okay for the most part.  Moving on, like I said last time. Slowly, but surely.  Eventually, things will get back to normal, or as normal as things can be I guess.  I am trying to surround myself with people that help keep my life positive.  This place I live in isn't helping, but part of it is my own damn fault.  I have to learn to keep my mouth shut sometimes.

    Well, that's about all I have this time. Since I usually give some kind of shitty advice at the end of these, here you go.  Be careful what you say.  Before you go talking shit about someone, actually know the facts. Don't just fucking assume something and then start shit and make the person you're talking about look like an asshole for no reason.  People need to shut the fuck up.  No one goes to work to make friends, they go to work to make a living, and support themselves and their families, not be thrown around emotionally because little fucking high school like adults feel the need to talk about a person to better themselves.  Fuck you. Grow the fuck up, and move the fuck on with your pathetic miserable life.
    That's all, thanks for watching.

   Titty sprinkles


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